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        About Us

        JIANGSU ANCAI MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. was established in January 2012, the transformation of the MSC County Sinoma Cement Machinery Factory is wholly made of, founded in 1992. Department of AAA-credit enterprises, Nantong City, "the contract, the word" enterprise, "safe and civilized unit." Professional commitment to electric valves, pneumatic valves and other valves and cement machinery research and manufacturing. Our products are widely used in cement, ports, terminals, power generation, steel and heating, oil transportation, water treatment and other industries. This enterprise technical force, rich experience in production, testing equipment, technical capacity in the domestic industry with the advanced level. Advanced technology and excellent quality to win the trust of customers, products sold throughout the country, exported to Southeast Asia and other countries.
        The company set design and production of turnkey projects in one, the main products are cement grinding production lines, clinker production line, cement transfer station, slag vertical mill production lines, power plant ash libraries, steel gray base, marina and other transportation equipment.
        JIANGSU ANCAI MACHINERY AND EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. existing staff of 329 people, including engineering and technical staff of 32 people, 26 were college education, secondary or higher 155 people, and can adapt to the environment of a high-quality construction. It covers an area of ​​28,000 square meters, construction area of ​​9,655 square meters, 16 million yuan in 2006 sales, profits and taxes 2.18 million yuan. In order to improve the overall level of enterprises, enhance the quality of full awareness, the company passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, establish and improve the quality assurance system, the implementation of the product's quality policy, objectives, and equipped with a variety of testing equipment, from raw materials , outsourcing and spare parts into the factory to all aspects of parts, assembling finished products processing, etc. has been effectively controlled.
        We sincerely welcome new and old customers!

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