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        Nantong brand conveyor - the largest conveyor supply manufacturers - conveyor Order

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29
        Product features: reasonable structure, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, is widely used in various industries.
        Product Specifications: Main transport form: straight style, turn style, climbing style, lift, telescopic and other forms of transportation.
        Driven form: the form of motor-driven conveyor.
        Belt width: 200-1000mm, can also be customized according to customer requirements.
                 Conveyor belt material: rubber belt, PVC belt, canvas belt, food belt.
                 In the form of belts: baffled conveyor with panels and flat belt.
        Line body bracket: stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and so on.
        Conveyor speed: typically 1-10M / min; also be based on user needs speed or constant speed.
        Applications: Widely used in electronics, home appliances, food and beverage, automotive, and motorcycle industries such as transport parts assembly.
        It is widely used in home appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, injection molding, telecommunications, printing, food and other industries, assembly objects, testing, debugging, packaging and transportation. Line body conveyance can choose according to process requirements: a variety of control conventional continuous run, beat run, variable-speed operation and so on; line body chosen according to local conditions: a straight line, curve, slope and other wire forms. Delivery device comprising: a belt conveyor is also called conveyor belt conveyor or the like, is composed of rhythmic flow process lines indispensable economic conveying equipment. Belt conveyor according to their ability to be divided into heavy belt as mine belt conveyor belt light such as plastics used in electronics, food and light industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Belt conveyor has a transmission capacity, transmission distance, simple structure and easy to maintain, easy to implement procedures to control and automation. The use of continuous or intermittent motion conveyor belt to transport 100KG the following items or powder, pieces like object, which runs high-speed, stable, low noise, and can be transmitted over the downhill.
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