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        Save to large automated conveyor forward

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29
        Coal conveyor is ideal efficient continuous transport equipment, compared with other transportation equipment (such as locomotive class), has the advantage of long distance transportation, large volume, continuous delivery, etc., and reliable operation, easy to automate and centralize control, especially for high-yield and efficient mine, conveyor has become the coal mining technology and equipment, electromechanical integration key equipment.
        Foreign belt conveyor technology has developed rapidly, which is mainly manifested in two aspects: one is functional diversification belt conveyors, enlarged the scope of application, such as high-angle belt conveyors, tubular belt conveyors, belt curves space conveyors and other models; on the other hand is itself a belt conveyor technology and equipment has been a huge development, especially long-distance, large-capacity, high-speed and other large belt conveyor belt has become the main direction of development, Its core technology is used in the development of the belt conveyor dynamic analysis and monitoring technology to improve the performance and reliability of the belt conveyor.
        While the low-end of the conveyor industry product volume manufacturers more, with the increasing level of technology updates, conveyor future development also need to change the way the development of green technology, large-scale, automation, diversification direction has been He mentioned in the daily consideration.
        First, diversification. Development of energy at high temperature, low temperature, corrosive, radioactive, inflammable substances in the work environment, as well as capable of delivering hot, easy to agglomerate, explosive, viscous material conveyor.
        Second, automation. So constructed to meet the material handling conveyor automation system control requirements for stand-alone raised.
        Third, the large-scale. Including several aspects of large-scale transmission capacity, large single length and a large transmission angle so on. At present, the length of the conveyor hydraulic conveying device has reached more than 440 kilometers, nearly 15 km of single conveyor length, and has appeared by the number of units consisting of contact between the two places B "draper road." Many countries are exploring long-distance, large-volume continuous transport conveyor structure and better materials.
        Fourth, the green. Various conveyor to reduce dust generated during operation, noise and exhaust emissions, is very important. Reduce energy consumption to conserve energy, it has become an important aspect of the research work within the field of transportation technology.
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