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        About Us

        Company comprehensively implement the ISO9001 quality system, in the production of the strict implementation of the three seized, the raw material inspection, process inspection, factory inspection; in the production flow process also uses self-inspection, mutual seized, the seizure and other measures to ensure product quality. To ensure that substandard products not manufactured. Strictly in accordance with user requirements and the relevant national standards organization of production, providing products, guarantee that products for unused over the new products, and the most suitable raw materials to produce advanced technology to ensure product quality, specifications and performance with user requirements consistent. Goods using the most appropriate mode of transport, packaging and marking comply with national standards and user requirements.
        First, the quality policy, objectives, commitment
        1. Quality: customer first, quality first, strict process control, a first-class brand.
        2, the quality objectives: customer satisfaction rate of 100%; timely delivery rate of 100%; 100% of customer complaints handling and feedback.
        Second, the quality control
        1. Quality System: In order to be on the factors affecting the product's technology, management and personnel to effectively control, to prevent and eliminate substandard products, the company has planned and formed a system of quality system documentation, and strictly implemented, ensure quality assurance sustained and effective system. 2, the design control: to ensure that product design and development plans, according to the design control program execution, ensure that products meet the relevant national standards and user requirements.

        3, documents and material control: In order to keep all the form and quality of the company's relevant documents and information complete, accurate, coherent and effective, preventing the use of invalid or obsolete documents, company documents and materials were strictly controlled.

         4, purchase: To meet the quality requirements of the final product of the company, the company's procurement of raw materials and spare parts, etc. will be strictly controlled. Supplier qualification assurance, procurement procedures are strictly controlled.

        5, product identification: In order to prevent raw materials and spare parts, semi-finished and finished products in the production flow in the mix, the company provides a way to identify the product. In provides for traceability requirements, for each product or batch of unique identification.

        6, process control: The company in the production process affect the quality of products for effective control of each process to ensure that the final product meets specified requirements.

        7, inspection and test: In order to verify the production process meets the requirements of the various provisions of the inspection and testing requirements, and provisions to make a record. A, incoming inspection and test B, process inspection and test C, final inspection and test

        8 control, inspection, measuring and test equipment: To ensure measurement accuracy and test values ​​reliability, to meet production requirements, the company provides for inspection, measuring and test equipment required to carry out control, inspection and maintenance of the school.

        9, control of nonconforming product: To prevent nonconforming product release, use and factory, the company's management of non-conforming product, isolation and treatment approach to the strict rules.

        10, corrective and preventive actions: In order to eliminate actual or potential failure factors, the company's corrective and preventive measures were strict rules.

        11, transport, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery: To ensure the quality of purchased materials and finished products, the company's handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery to develop a rigorous, file system, and strict control.


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